Glossier LA

Glossier LA: every makeup lover’s dream!!!

I visited last month with my mom and immediately fell in love with the design of the store. I am not usually a fan of everything pink – but this was done well.

My mom was a fan of the Glossier Cloud Paints!

The Glossier Canyon Hype is real

Swatchin’ & Samplin’

Feels like I am in Antelope Canyon IRL

Mom + Daughter bonding time

The design of this store is stunning

All of their products to try in person

Positive messaging – I like it

Mom had to take photos of me trying everything


Awesome stations all around the store to maximize sampling for everyone

pink pink pink

This photo gives you an idea of all of the sampling stations they have – this is just one side of the store!

Another corner of the store

Anyone that lives in the LA area or is visiting should definitely check Glossier LA out! It is so fun to experience Glossier IRL and the Glossier Canyon will not disappoint!

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