Influenster: My First VoxBox

I joined Influenster in April 2018 and received my first VoxBox in July of 2018.

Time goes by fast and I didn’t realize how long I had been signed up. I didn’t really start leaving reviews until May or June and that’s when I started taking it more seriously.

I gained my first makeup junkie badge and shortly thereafter I got an email saying I was being sent the SolBox!

In it was a Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette, Colourpop Lippie in Aquarius, Rituals shower gel, and Eva NYC Rock-A-Wave Curl Cream.

I was excited to try all of these products, but was honestly disappointed in the brands represented in the box. I love Colourpop so I was happy to get a Lippie stix that I don’t already have. I love shower gels and prefer them over soap bars so the Ritual gel was great.

But the Wet n Wild palette retails for a few bucks. I don’t have curly hair so the cream isn’t something I would naturally gravitate towards.

I see some of the other VoxBoxes that get sent out with super high end luxury makeup like Hourglass Cosmetics and Becca Cosmetics and it makes me a lil sad inside.

Anyway – the whole process of getting the box and completing the badges is super easy on the Influenster app. I definitely recommend people to sign up if you’re interested in trying out new products – even ones not in the beauty or hair categories. They have a ton of options – for men and women of all ages!

I look forward to blogging about my next VoxBox – hopefully in the near future!

(I received these products complimentary from Influenster)

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