Glossier: Worth It?


I have been following Glossier’s takeover of the beauty world since the beginning.

I follow their Instagram and am always in awe at their content and marketing. I would often scroll through their stunning website, but could never justify spending the money on makeup that I couldn’t try in person.

But then – I caved.


Glossier products you need:

  • Lidstars
  • Gloss
  • Balm dot com
  • Stretch Concealer
  • Cloud Paints

Glossier products you can go without:

  • Milk Jelly
  • Boy brow (clear)

Glossier products you shouldn’t buy:

  • Skin Tint


More product descriptions and how I use them:

Lidstars in Herb, Fawn, Cub,, Lily, Slip, & Moon

The packaging is beautiful – they look like test tubes. They also swatch beautifully (perfect for your next Kira Kira). Once on the lids, they are super easy to use (I think the main purpose of Glossier products is ease of application). I swipe the color all over the lid and then blend out the edges with my ring finger. It leaves a stunning shimmer with slight color (these are definitely not eyeshadows with high pigmentation if that’s what you’re looking for).

Balm dotcom in Birthday

Packaging is so fun and it really moisturizes my lips. Definitely a must have in your purse!


Cloud Paint (cream blush) in Dusk, Storm, & Haze

I love using the cloud paints as cream eyeshadows – it’s easy and quick! They are also really easy to blend on the cheeks. Be careful when squeezing out the product – you do not need a lot to get the perfect look!

Stretch Concealer in Medium

This concealer feels great and it makes my under eyes glow. The only downside I found was that after a few hours, my mascara transferred. I don’t wear mascara on my lower lash, but it still happened. To be fair, this may be a result of the mascara I use (currently Too Faced “Better Than Sex”).

Glossier lipgloss in clear

Amazing. It’s not sticky and it makes my lips feel bigger. It’s the perfect consistency. Definitely the best clear gloss I’ve ever tried. Guess that’s why it’s called Glossier.

Boy Brow in Clear

This is a cult favorite, but definitely not worth the hype (and long waitlist it used to have). Not my favorite and not my least favorite – it does its job, but has a mousse like texture that I’m not a fan of.

Skin Tint in Medium

The one product I wanted to really try was the Skin Tint – a low coverage base for makeup. I was super excited to try this, but was SO disappointed. I got the Skin Tint in shade “medium” and once I put it on my face it disappeared! It sheered out and melted into my skin – providing absolutely no coverage. I understand that Glossier is all about easy “no makeup” makeup, but this was on a another level (and not in a good way). I don’t have perfect skin like some Skin Tint users and I was hoping this would even out my skin tone for an easy everyday makeup routine. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Glossier is definitely worth the hype – IF you are looking for simple, “no makeup” makeup. I will definitely be repurchasing the Lidstars, Gloss, and Cloud Paints in the future. Can’t wait to see what else Glossier creates!

Check out Glossier here.

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