10 Reasons Why J Crew Should Hire Me as an Intern

@ J. Crew: HIRE ME (please)!

I am applying to the J. Crew Summer Internship and instead of a typical application, I decided to write out a more creative response to why I should be a J. Crew Intern!

1. I am a first generation college student and the only child of two Mexican immigrants. I am very proud of where I come from and I believe that these experiences have made me the hard working, ethical, and motivated person I am today. I may not be the typical J. Crew customer, but I want to change that!

2. I check for new arrivals almost every other day. . . is that a problem? Nah, I just want to be up-to-date with all of the gorgeous new arrivals!

3. I probably buy at least one item from J. Crew every month (shh do not tell my parents… oh wait.. Hi Mom!)

4. Since I frequent the stores and website so often, I know the product and styles by heart and this skill would definitely come in handy as a J. Crew intern!

5. My closet is approximately 75% J. Crew clothing and accessories so I am a walking advertisement for J. Crew.

6. I am a creative person who loves painting, drawing, and designing, but I am also very analytical. I can combine both of these skills as a Merchandising Intern for J. Crew by engaging with the vision of designers and transforming them into reality, while still exceeding financial goals.

7. I have a strong inclination to learn everything that I can about merchandising and the retail industry in general because of how passionate I am about this line of work. Ask any of my friends, fashion is what makes me happy. As a result, I am very self motivated and pride myself in my work ethic. I know I can translate these skills into working as an intern at J. Crew!

8. I frequent the J. Crew store in Georgetown to see the new arrivals in person because it is nice to feel and touch the fabrics and see what the fit is like

9. As a dedicated J. Crew customer, I would love to see what goes on behind the scenes to get the product out the door and into the closets of men and women (and kids!) everywhere.

10. Although I am not a current rising senior and am graduating in May of 2018, I am not against working as an intern over a Summer if it means working for my favorite brand, J. Crew.

Check out my LinkedIn and see all of the experiences that have given me the skills and qualities that make me the perfect candidate to be a J. Crew intern!


Here are some pics of me sporting some of my favorite J. Crew items (I wear the gold loafers almost everyday… not ashamed)

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset653CDA98-3BBF-4813-938E-5806006CBD0C

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