D(h)o(tel)rm Life

For the first time in Georgetown University history, students are living in the Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center. My Suite Life of Zack and Cody dreams are finally coming true!!

Every time another student asks where I live, and I say the hotel, the reaction is always the same. “Oh wow! How is it?” It’s such a unique space and one that is not commonly visited by students so there is an element of curiosity.

Living in the hotel has its perks:

  • We have pretty nice rooms and our own bathrooms. Many students after freshman year are eager to get apartments, but I am perfectly content living in a double. Living in an apartment just means more cleaning!
  • We can order room service and use Flex dollars to pay for it!
  • We are close to the Leavey center, Starbucks, Uncommon Grounds, and MSB (which is really convenient for students in the business school)!
  • We are really close to Yates Field House so I have no excuse to not work out 😦

Now for the downsides:

  • We have no access to a laundry room in the hotel so we have to do laundry in Henle Village, a five minute walk from the hotel. Imagine having to carry all of your laundry up and down stairs in the winter!!
  • We have no kitchen in our “common room” so if we want to cook, we have to go to the common lounge in Henle.
  • My view is of the hospital physician offices so when I look out the window, all I ever see is doctors on their computers typing away.

I just finished (for now, at least) decorating my side of the room which I am very excited about! This summer I made my own marquee sign (featured in the pictures) that spells out the word “hola”. I got the idea from a DIY post on Homey Oh My‘s website. It is such an easy and fun project to take on! There are very few materials needed and you can personalize it by choosing your own word(s). The post features a marquee sign that spells out “Hey”, but I decided to put a little spin on it by choosing “Hola”.

I surrounded the sign with some of my favorite pictures that I got printed from Social Print Studio, a company based out of San Francisco. They have an application that you can use on your phone and a website where you can upload your own pictures to be printed. The pictures come out great because of the quality of the paper used and they come in super cute packages. You have to wait a week or two to get them in the mail instead of just going to Costco and getting your prints one hour later. The added wait just makes it more exciting!

I am happy to be living in the hotel this year and I hope this post has given you an idea of what it’s like!

x Mel

Here is the link for the DIY marquee sign if you want to make one!


Print your heart out at Social Print Studio’s website:


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