Hammer Time

The Hammer Museum at UCLA Hammer Museum

is the perfect way to spend a

weekend afternoon (and it’s free)!

Hammer Museum

  “The Hammer Museum  champions the art and  artists who challenge us to  see the world in a new light,  to experience the  unexpected, to ignite our  imaginations, and inspire change.”

Spun Chairs

Spinning on a Spun Chair

I definitely was inspired to look at art in a new way after my time at the Hammer. Spinning on a Spun Chair

The courtyard has Spun Chairs by Heatherwick Studio. They were the best part of the museum. At first one is a little apprehensive about taking a whirl in the chair, but once you’ve spun around once, you do not want to stop. It’s a very different experience, especially when it has the functionality of a chair, but with the added spinning factor!

Spinning on a Spun Chair

There are several exhibitions, all appealing to a variety of artistic interests.

My favorite was Perfect Likeness: Photography and Composition. Definitely check it out if you love photography and want to be inspired.

Outside the Photography Exhibit

To learn more about the Hammer Museum and the current exhibitions visit: http://hammer.ucla.edu/

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